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Membership & Financial Donations

Our organization is 100% funded from annual member dues and donations thanks to generous supporters.


Anyone can join the Associates for annual dues of only $1, and we accept monetary donations to help support our mission. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

We accept cash, checks, or Paypal for donations.

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Equipment Donations

All equipment donations must be clean and in good working order for others to use.

All bed donations must be Invacare to maintain conformity.

We will not accept any bandages or other medical or surgical items. No C-Pap machines, no ice machines, or other similar products. Additionally, we do not accept any motorized or battery operated scooters or carts.

All incontinence products must be in unopened packages.

It is best to call our office during normal business hours to determine if your item will be accepted.

All donations must be dropped off during normal business hours:  10am - 2pm Mon - Friday and Saturday 10am to 12, except during inclement weather or holidays — no voicemails!)

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