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On a stormy St. Patrick's Eve, March 16, 1956, the Italian freighter ETRUSCO was blown aground at Cedar Point next to the Scituate Light during a freak spring N'oreaster storm.


The community of Scituate rallied to the crews' aid. An Italian-speaking interpreter was found to communicate with the badly frightened crewmen. Many Scituate townspeople turned out to feed, clothe, and make these men comfortable.

Working hand in hand with the Coast Guard, the crew was rescued and sheltered. When the ship was refloated and repaired, following eight months of hard labor, she was re-christened S.S. SCITUATE in honor of the town that saved her.

The Scituate Etrusco Associates marked the 2nd anniversary of the freighter's grounding by becoming a philanthropic group, supplying medical equipment to those in need. Starting as a loan closet from a garage of the Associates' own treasurer, our operation has grown to serve the residents of 11 towns on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

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